Renewable Energy Sector: Growing Fast

The renewable energy sector is a part of the energy industry that primarily focused on renewable energy technology. In recent years, the renewable energy sector has become increasingly popular, and this rising industry has gained the attention of investors all over the world. The most well-known sections of the renewable energy sector are the wind power and solar energy industries.

Renewable energy solutions are becoming an essential part of our society. More and more businesses are aware of their carbon footprint, and being a sustainable company has become a selling point for many businesses to exploit for further business, and to bring in new clientele. Renewable energy is vital to conserve fossil fuels, which are growing fewer year by year. Wind farms, solar solutions, and tidal energy all play an important role in targeting and combating global warming, which has become a huge cause for concern over the years. But renewable energy solutions can be difficult to maintain, and to harvest the energy from. Wind farms, due to their noise pollution, are usually located in more remote areas, and tidal energy can only be found by the sea’s edge. Solar energy, however, is much easier to access, though the amount of energy you can harvest depends on where your residence is located.

In the first few months of 2016, nearly a third of all UK electricity was harvested from renewable energy sources. At that time, this set a record for clean energy generation. Similarly, in the first few months of 2017, renewable energy sources were responsible for almost 30% of the energy provided in the UK. This energy came from wind, the tides, the sun, and even biodegradable waste. The source of renewable energy that has been providing the most energy lies with wind power, with wind farms leading the renewable energy industry quite clearly.

Not only is this great news for anyone concerned about our environment or global warming, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for anyone looking for a new job, or a change in career. With all of the investment and interest in the renewable energy sector, new jobs come to light quite regularly, particularly when new energy reserves are built, and fully trained individuals are needed to keep them maintained. Along with powering our homes, renewable energy is also powering our economy.

Onshore wind power is quite price competitive when compared to other forms of renewable energy. At the moment, it’s the cheapest form of power plant that is available, and is crucial in keeping bills down for consumers.

Like many other sectors and industries, the plant hire industry supports sustainable, renewable energy, with these plant hire companies being responsible for supplying much of the machinery and equipment that is used in the construction and maintenance of the various types of plants and reserves for renewable energy. With a vast array of equipment available, the plant hire industry is more than experienced enough to tackle absolutely any challenge that the renewable energy sector could throw at them.

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