Best Things To Do In Bangalore

If you are planning a fun trip to Bangalore, I can assure you that you are on the right track. The city is a place where you will not lack for something to keep your adrenaline pumping all day long. From the gorgeous gardens, fabled restaurants, new cafes to the brilliant infrastructures around Bangalore, you will have the busiest and most enjoyable trip ever.

In fact, due to the steady influx of visitors from all over the world, you will never have a dull moment on this trip. However, if you fail to identify the best things to do in Bangalore before you get to the city, you may spend the whole time wondering where you lost your purpose. With all the exciting things to do and the beautiful places to visit, you need to narrow down your activities to the most exciting of them all.

Therefore, read this guide so that you will only have the mind-boggling and heart-warming adventure from the moment you land in Bangalore.

1.    Visit Wonderla Amusement Park

Do you want to go a little gaga and loud in Bangalore? You must start from Wonderla. This amusement park is simply the best part of the town, and if you miss it, you’ve missed all the fun. There are so many things to do at the park from the water rides, land rides, wave pool experience, dancing at the Rain Disco to watching the show “Adventure of Chikku.” You cannot lack for something to do at Wonderla Amusement park. And Oh!, there are amazing restaurants you can sample at the park just in case you get hungry from all the shouting.

2.    Explore the Home of Deities at ISKCON Temple

How about a little trip down history while you are in the city. If you make a trip to ISKCON Temple, you will see the temples of  SriPrahladaNarasimha. Also, there is the temple of Sri SriNitaiGauranga, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri SrinivasaGovinda, Bhakta Hanuman, Sri RadhaKrishnachandra, Gurudeva and SrilaPrabhupada who was the founder of the ISKCON society which is aimed at spreading Krishna Consciousness to all nations of the earth. Don’t miss the opportunity to find out what these temples look like in the city.

3.    Shop at UB City

Have you been looking for an opportunity to shop in Europe for a wonderful experience? Then I think you must go to UB City and make your dream come true. Yes! After taking a trip to this retail market that houses all the luxury goods and services you hope for, no one will convince you that Europe is better than Bangalore UB City.

Everything you need is at UB City from banks, retail stores, restaurants, pubs, cafes, food courts to health clubs. In fact, you can’t miss the UB City experience for anything in Bangalore.

4.    Join the Kabbaldurga Night Trek

Why spend your nights in Bangalore cooped up in front of a television when you can enjoy the cool breeze. Aren’t you tired of Netflix drama series? Dress up speedily and join other climbing and trekking enthusiasts for a memorable view of the city. Get to the top and see the mysterious fort while watching the countryside from a different height. Now tell me why you should spend the whole night sleeping when you can have all the fun.

5.    Have Fun with the Couple Parasailing

If you are in the city of Bangalore with your soulmate, don’t miss the opportunity of sharing secrets with him or her while sailing. Spice things up a bit with a little adventure when you take your partner up in the sky and watch the breathtaking view of the land below. Ah! What about the experience of having the wind blowing your hair as you sail with that special person? Can you afford to miss that? No way! Have fun up there.

6.    Eat at Mavalli Tiffin Room

How about eating at a place where a chief minister once joined the queue for the popular masala dosa? Don’t miss this vegetarian wonder where you can wait for almost one hour if you fail to reserve on time. MTR is one of the old restaurants in India with branches all over the city and beyond.

This is a place where food is respected, and health is important. They pay attention to cleanliness than décor which I think is right. So don’t be discouraged by the outdated décor because you will be amazed after eating at MTR

7.    Ride the Hot Air Balloon

Don’t leave the city of Bangalore if you have not experienced a ride on the hot air balloon. Enjoy the awesome experience of soaring like an eagle in the sky. Check out if the sky is your limit by joining this adventurous escapade.


The city is simply full of fun things to do. Expand your schedule a little if you want to visit Bangalore because you may find out that you want to stay longer than you planned.

There are so many things to do, but with this guide, you will know the best things to start as soon as you get to the city.

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